Save food for Natural Disaster Caused by Heavy Rainfall in Nepal

People had already endured from this COVID-19 Pandemic and simultaneously the raining season has started with heavy rainfall. Every year, many villages are filled with rain-water and thousands of houses are flooded displacing thousands of individuals in Nepal due to monsoon caused flood.

We request everyone to be safe and keep storage of food for at least 15 days in your home. Natural disasters mostly affect poor and marginalized communities. In mid of the period, where all markets, industries, factories are closed since the day Government of Nepal announce lockdown due to Covid-19, poor people were already in scarce of the food. But, as the lockdown has loosened up at some extent, and people are allowed to work in limited areas by following precautionary measures, it will be essential to save some food to survive during flood.

Mithila Wildlife Trust with financial support from Chora Chori foundation, Gandy’s Foundation and Last Night a DJ Saved My Life distributed food relief materials to above 2500 households of Dalit and untouchable communities in 15 districts of Nepal. Above 25,000 individuals were benefited. During distribution of the food relief materials and nutritional supplements, we noticed that most of these communities are at risk of flood. So, it is very much important for all helping hands and human with good heart to support the needy families in their surroundings.

Road cut to protect village from flood

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