About us

Mithila Wildlife Trust (MWT) is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization. Established in 2013 A.D. (2069 B.S.) in the Central Terai region of Nepal, the organization is run by a group of committed professionals working towards the conservation of natural resources and wildlife.

Since its establishment, MWT has rescued and rehabilitated thousands of reptiles, birds, monkeys, turtles, rare species of fish in support of the Department of Forests, Community Forest User Groups and Local communities in Nepal.

Our Active Programmes are as follows;

  1. Habitat Restoration and Management (Restoration of 38 Hectare river bank as a dense forest at Bhatighadi Community Forest, Mithila Municipality-4, Dhanusha 12 Hectare at Murgiya Hariyali Community Forest, Dhanushadham Municipality-9, Dhanusha and ongoing conservation and management of Dhanushadham Protected Forest, Dhanusha, Province No.-2, Nepal).
  2. Habitat study with the priority to Eastern-Western corridor connecting through Community Forests in Shivalik Chure Range. Focused on the corridor restoration between Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve in the East to Parsa National Park in the West.
  3. Bird diversity study of Province No.-2 with the priority to nationally and internationally protected bird species.
  4. Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation in Province No.-2.
  5. Fresh-water turtle conservation.
  6. Girls and Women Empowerment in Province No.-2 in coordination with CBOs and NGOs.
  7. Law enforcement against anti-poaching and illegal wildlife trade.
  8. Capacity building to teenagers and youth to mitigate CO2 emissions.
  9. Humanitarian-AIDS during natural disasters. Focused on food relief and necessary health and hygiene management materials distribution.
  10. Community Stewardship Projects to the financially marginalized CFUG members.

We’re always happy to accept suggestions received for the improvement of our ongoing project and to collaborate with like-minded people and organizations.

Kindly write us at info@mwt.org.np.

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Animals Rescued (Reptile, Amphibian, Avian, Ungulate and Mammal throughout Province No.-2)


Project Implemented (Wildlife conservation, Habitat Restoration and Humanitarian job)


Conservation Education Program Organized (Awareness raising activities in working area)


Habitat Conserved in Hectare (In collaboration with local community and Government agencies)