Active Projects

We are continuously working on wildlife and environment conservation since 2012. We have handled so many small and large projects. We have worked with all types of organization i.e. individuals, Govenmental and non-governmental organization, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Social Enterprises, Local Communities, CSOs, CMOs and CBOs. 

Here are some of our ongoing projects.

Please feel free to reach us at if you need more details on any of the projects.

Miyawaki Plantation in Mithileshwar

The Miyawaki method is a panacea for urban woes. “These forests have thirty times more trees than other plantations and are perfect for cities, where land is scarce”.

UKAM Project

UKAM project is funded by UKAID which aims to empower the people who are mainly dependent upon the community forest.

We Need Your Help!

Wildlife outside protected areas (PA) are exposed to conflict. In most of the situation, wildlife is killed once it is sighted in human settlement.

We are working to bridge the gap of wildlife conservation outside PA. You can support us in awareness raising activities and wildlife rescue, treatment, relocation and rehabilitation.

At the same time supporting to create alternative livelihoods for the forest dependent and professional wildlife and timber poachers are essential to provide them life with dignity to make them responsible for conservation of wildlife and forest in their surrounding.

We strongly believe that the empty stomach can never think for the sustainability, so, we are working to create a sustainable community for better co-existence.