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Dhanushadham is one of the 8 districts within Province No. 2. The Capital of the Province is Janakpur, 18 km from the Dhanushadham Protected Forest.

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This region was previously part of the ancient Mithila state, and local populations speak Maithili and Hindi. The district was established on May 19, 2014 by merging the existing Dhanushadham, DhanushaGovindpur, Umaprempur and Yagyabhumi village development committees.

Some Regional Statistics (as of 2011)
  • 8,600 households
  • Population of 45,600
  • 91.6 km²
  • Annually, Janakpur and Dhanushadham receive more than 10,000,000 national and international religious tourists

Religious Significance

religious_significance_1Dhanushadham is particularly important because it is a major spot of Mithila Parikrama, a religious tour of 15 religious spots in the ancient Mithila state, kingdom of King Janak (father of goddess Sita).

In ancient days, King Janak started ploughing his farm field to minimize food insecurity in his kingdom, Mithila. A child came out of the land while he was ploughing the field and cutting furrows in the soil, King Janak accepted the child as his own and named her, Sita.

One day while cleaning, Goddess Sita(also known as Janaki), lifted the Lord Shiva’s bow and became the second human to do so (King Janak being the first). No one else was able to lift the bow.

When it came time for Sita to be married, King Janak wanted his son in law to be able to handle the bow, so, he announced a festival. He stated that the person able to lift Lord Shiva’s bow would be selected as the bridegroom for Goddess Sita.

Prince Ram, son of King Dashrath from Ayodhya (presently situated in India), was the only successful person to lift the bow. Not only did he lift the bow, he also put an arrow (van) on it. The heavy weighted bow broke into three pieces while putting the arrow on it. One piece of the bow went to Heaven, the second fell to Hell (via the DhanushSagar, a pond situated in Janakpur) andreligious_significance_2 the middle part landed on Earth.

The place where the middle part landed is Dhanushadham.

This part of the bow is now secure in the Dhanush temple (located very close to the Protected Forest). Approximately 125 tourists visit the temple to see Lord Shiva’s bow everyday.


Dhanusha, Nepal

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