About us

Mithila Wildlife Trust (MWT) is a non-profitable non-governmental organization. Established in 2013 A.D. (2069 B.S.) in Central Nepal, the organization is founded by a group of experts working towards conservation of nature and wildlife.

Since it’s establishment, MWT has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of reptiles, birds, monkeys, turtles, rare species of fishes in co-ordination with Nepal Forest Department.

Presently we are active in rescue and rehabilitation programmes, in addition we extend to aware the villagers and student, the importance of wildlife, nature and natural habitat.

Our Active Programmes;

  1. Snake habitat study of Dhanusha district with special reference to rare species.
  2. Bird diversity study of Dhanusha.
  3. Reptile conflict and the importance of wildlife rescue.
  4. Fresh water turtle conservation.
  5. Law enforcement against anti-poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

Looking for helping hands to support our activities.

Dhanusha, Nepal

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