Saving Nepalese from covid-19 pandemic, Hunger and Malnutrition

Mithila Wildlife Trust have certainly been making the news in south Nepal as alongside the NGO Bhore. We have been distributing food supplies to some of the poorest families during lockdown in 15 districts of Nepal. ChoraChori has funded their “Integrated Nutritional Packages” that has supplemented the staples of 15 Kg rice, 2 Kg lentils, 2.5 Kg potatoes, 2 Ltr oil etc with 5 Kg green vegetables. We are aiming to provide them food until the lockdown. Here you can see, we are providing bitter gourd, gourd and cucumber as part of the package which are great balanced diet for young mothers and little children. We are continuously been trying to reach as much as people who need help. They are living their life very sadly because of the shortage of food. They are unable to feed their family for two times a day but as they get food from our trust they became happy.June 13, Birgunj. Relief has been distributed to 35 Dhangad-Musahar families of Pakaditola in Jira Bhavani Municipality-1. Prakash Tharu, a social worker, said that the Mithila Wildlife Trust and Bhore had distributed relief to the slum dwellers after learning that the people of Pakditola were deprived of relief packages from all three parts of the state. With the financial support of chorachori, Gandiz and Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, and in a collaboration with Mithila Wildlife Trust and Bhore , he managed the relief distribution in this pandemic time .