Environmental and Wildlife Awareness Programmes

We believe on “No Conservation without Education”. We strongly believe that, it is lacking awareness that people are diminishing national and private forest day by day. The depletion
of the National and Private forests such as the Dhanusha Forest, among others in the country, has resulted to the unfavorable climatic changes with far reaching consequences, including;

  • Unreliable and inadequate rainfall for agriculture.
  • Unreliable practice: overgrazing, use of harmful pesticides and poisons for agriculture.
  • Depletion of palatable plant species.
  • Poverty due to loss of livelihoods.
  • Food insecurity in the country.
  • Extension of high yielding crop varieties.
  • Water resource drying up, including rivers.
  • Land resources degradation due to erosion.
  • Encroachment of forest land.
  • Encroachment of wetland habitats.
  • Lack of indigenous/ local land-race and their wild relatives.
  • Depletion in the number of wildlife in their habitat.

The situation is likely to worsen in the absence of deliberate efforts to preserve the existing forest and improve the forest cover in the country.

Thus we conduct environmental and wildlife awareness programmes in the VDCs, Schools and Colleges. We focus to create a sentiment towards nature and wildlife during our awareness programmes.

One can contact us to organize such awareness program in his/her school, colleges, communities or VDCs.