Distributing nutritious food to pregnant and post natal women at Budhiganga Village

Mithila Wildlife Trust with the collaboration of Bhore on Aashad 7 in 2077 at Budhiganga village in ward no. 6 MWT provided them a nutritional diet for the welfare of the pregnant and post-natal women.

During this pandemic time, many people are enduring from several problems. Among them, most of the painful things seen are folks are unable to fulfill the need of food for their family. In many places, there are many pregnant women and post-natal women who require nutritional diet for their body but they are unable to provide them because of the famine of money and work in their hands.

 After the pregnancy and during the pregnancy their body requires a well-balanced eating plan to improve fertility and pave the way for an easier labor. If they supply a tasty blend of nutritious food to their body it can which will be the greatest gifts for their developing baby.

Nutritional diet provided to postnatal women

They should eat a variety of green vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean protein, and other healthy things. Mithila Wildlife Trust provides them rice, lentils, eggs, vegetables, fruits, spinach, etc which are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein and it will help them to maintain a healthy body. After receiving this nutritional diet they will not suffer from any problem. MWT is thinking to provide a nutritional diet up to full lockdown. So, they will not be in trouble thinking about what will happen to them and their child.

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