Distributing Sanitation and Nutritious reliefs in Benighat Rorang Village

Mithila Wildlife Trust which was situated in Janakpurdham raised their hand to help the needy people who are unable to feed their family members twice a day in COVID-19.

Shanti Nepal organization collaborated with the Bhore organization and Mithila Wildlife Trust for distributing sanitation packages and a nutritious diet to the women and malnourished child in Benighat Rorang village. We distributed reliefs to the 267 houses in that village. Mithila Wildlife Trust helping hands┬áChora Chori, Last Night a DJ saved my life, Gandy’s foundation, Canadian Food Grain contributed together to provide sanitation packages and nutritious food to that area.

In this pandemic time, sanitation is one of the crucial things that everyone should follow in daily habits. That’s why we are providing sanitation packages to 60 houses. we distributed handwashing soaps, 2 clothes washing soap, 1 toothpaste, and 3 toothbrushes, 1 nail cutter individually to the people of the houses. Including it, we also distributed 30 kg rice, wheat flour 3 kg, 2-liter cooking oil, lentils 2 kg, 30 egg pieces, mixed cereals 2 kg, 2 kg sugar,2 kg iodine salt.

While we are coming from outside we should use precaution to protect ourselves from coronavirus. That’s’why we should wash our hands properly with soap and water or handwash or sanitize for cleanliness.

Mithila Wildlife Trust also distributed some nutritional reliefs to 57 houses in Gajuri village municipality to the malnourished child houses. We provided 30 kg rice, 3 kg wheat flour, 2-liter cooking oil, 2 kg lentils, and some sanitary stuff.

In chephang community, laborers work for 6 months from Bhaisakh to Shrawan to earn big amount of money and for other months they depend on small works. Due to this, pandemic corona time the poor families don’t have work and have to suffer a lot for their feeding.