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Tree Planting Update


In 2017, Mithila Wildlife Trust, with local partners, planted over 56,000 trees in the North West section of the protected forest.



Prior to 2013, this area suffered from significant overgrazing, and trees being cut down for firewood. There were nearly no trees left in the area, little grass/foliage growth, and wildlife was scarce.

2013 photos show little growth in North West section:grazing_2013


Since then, Mithila Wildlife Trust has sectioned off this part of the forest to stop livestock grazing and planted over 56,000 trees. What a big difference!



As you see in the photos of the planted seedlings and a maturing section, they have been growing well!





local_cutting_grass_2018It is important the forest continue to provide for the local villages. Shown here, they are cutting the grass to collect for their livestock to eat outside of the forestplantation_behind_fence_2018.


The fence has been built in sections to ensure animals do not eat the newly planted trees while they are young.



What is Next?

In June 2018, tree planting will begin in the Northeast section of the forest. While this section has been in recovery since it was made illegal to graze in the forest since May 2016, additional intervention is required to stimulate tree growth.


MWT and DoF has been arranging community interaction programmes in each and every adjoining villages of Dhanushadham Protected Forest since last 3 months.

Interaction Programme in Kisanpur

Interaction Programme in Kisanpur

Interaction Programme in Tejnagar

Interaction Programme in Tejnagar
Interaction Programme in Nausay

Interaction Programme in Nausay

DoF and MWT feels that these programmes have been resulting very well for the protection of the forest. Major agendas of the programmes were:

1. Prohibited zone for carrying arms & instruments in DPF,

2. Grazing in barren area instead of core zone of DPF and to find substitute instead of depending on this diminishing forest,

3. Complete restrictions of illegal tree logging inside DPF,

4. Restrictions in community made fire inside DPF,

5. Land encroachment etc.

Animals grazing outside core zone in DPF

Animals grazing outside core zone in DPF

We are glad to see the positive results of interaction programmes inside DPF.

Illegal tree logging has been completely stopped, grazing has been done outside core zone, depletion in the number of grazing animals, no firing in last 2 and Half month, the greenery inside forest and returning of blue bulls.

Restoration of Greenery in DPF

Restoration of Greenery in DPF

The results of our continuous struggle since the appointment of Mr. Shankar Narayan Jha as Assistant Forest Officer at Dhanushadham Range Forest Office can be seen and felt by any of the person. It is an example of successful awareness programmes.

We have decided to continue such interaction programmes in each and every month in entire Buffer Zone of the forest.