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Indian Soft shell Turtle Rescued by Mithila Wildlife Trust

Indian Flap shell Turtle Rescued by Mithila Wildlife Trust

One Indian Flap shell Turtle is rescued by Mr. Vinesh Kumar Yadav, Forest Guard at Dhanushadham Protected Forest. Last week while Mr. Vinesh Kumar Yadav had gone to his village in nearing Dhanusha district boarder for some personal works, he saw a Turtle roaming on the road at late evening. He called Mr. Dev Narayan Mandal, Chairman, MWT through phone and asked whether to rescue or ignore. Mr. Mandal wanted the turtle to be there in its natural status and suggested to release nearby area. Mr. Yadav urged him that if we want to save life of this turtle we should take it to our center otherwise people will kill it to make curry. “Even I was doing same before coming in touch to MWT” He added.

The Indian Flap shell turtle (Lissemys punctata) is not a common species of Terai region in Nepal. So, Mr. Mandal agreed it to be transported to Dhanushadham Turtle Conservation Center. The turtle is safe at the center now.

It is very necessary to mention here that Mithila Wildlife Trust has initiated to start a Turtle Conservation Center where rare species of turtle will be rehabilitated and will be transferred to several protected and conservation area of Nepal. We strongly believe that it will help us to fight against the declining number of Turtle and will create awareness to visitor of the center for protection of the species. The turtle is usually killed in Terai region of Nepal to prepare curry.

As it is very necessary to construct an enclosure to rehabilitate them, it is our humble request to the helping hands “kindly support our initiative with the possible amount from your side”.

Indian Flap shell Turtle (Lissemys punctata)  Rescued from Mahotarri-Dhanusha boarder

Indian Flap shell Turtle (Lissemys punctata) Rescued from Mahotarri-Dhanusha boarder

To the residents of Nepal: “A Turtle can never fulfill needs of vegetable for our family. So, kindly inform us at +977 9817629229 or mail us at info@mwt.org.np while you get a turtle in your area.”

Show your humanity; Help us protect a life – for ourselves, for entire ecosystem and for our future generation!!!! Thank you in advance!!!