Sustainable Development Programmes from Ecosystem Services

Mithila Wildlife Trust (MWT) works with local and international experts, collaborators, and partners to ensure our conservation efforts are sustainable, and help sustainably develop the local community.

We view the work we do as benefiting not only the environment, but the community as well. Through our ecosystem services we hope to stimulate local job growth and education, and contribute to environmentally conscious and religious tourism.


Development Programmes


Job Training Programmes


Environmental Leadership

  1. Development Programmes

We focus on educating and empowering the community on:

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Sustainable use of natural resources

These sustainable development programmes are based on ecosystem services aimed at benefiting not only the environment, but growing the local economy and developing skills in the community.uparrow

  1. Job Training Programmes

We hope to build the skills and knowledge of the current and future generation by helping facilitate Job Training Programmes.

Student Programme:Through the Student Job Training Programme, we equip students with the knowledge to conserve the natural habitats of wildlife and protect Nepal’s green spaces.

Students come to stay at the DPF for 7+ days and participate in job shadowing.

Other students are welcome to stay to study a specific subject. We’ve had students of all levels come to study farm birds, elephant habitats, bird migration, snake rehabilitation and much more!

Community Programme: Job training also exists for community members in areas such as the Tree Nursery, Tree Plantation, Garden Maintenance, and others.

Through the DPF Council, volunteer community members gain valuable skills in the management aspect of the forest and are involved in the promotion of the DPF locally and nationally.uparrow

  1. Environmental Leadership

As a conservation and environmental authority in the Terai region we lobby for the co-existence of our natural environment and wildlife with local politicians, community leaders, and change makers.

Our efforts help establish a sustained commitment to the environment, in conjunction with community development.

Dhanusha, Nepal

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