•          To conserve biodiversity for protection of natural resources and natural habitat of wild species.
  •  To promote forest restoration.
  • To research, manage and protect natural resources and environment.
  • To conduct workshops and awareness camps to stop demolishing national & private forest and to conserve & protect animals and birds.
  • To promote and work for improvement of the natural environment and wildlife.
  • To prevent and create awareness of cruelty to and illegal poaching of both wild and domestic animals and birds.
  • To create a sentiment of love for animals and birds by popularising their usefulness to ecosystem.
  • To construct or promote construction of sanctuaries, parks, ponds etc. required for conservation of animals, birds, national and private forest.
  • To make/produce films/documentaries to increase awareness on Global warming, its negative impact on human beings, natural environment and wildlife and methods to prevent it.
  • To help and co-operate with Forest Department and other concerned government and non-governmental organizations to conserve natural environment.

Dhanusha, Nepal

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