How Your Donation Could be Used

Any support you can provide is greatly appreciated! Donate today

Contribute to Ongoing Awareness Program: $250
MWT strongly believes in “Conservation through Awareness” so we conduct awareness programmes in each and every village & school of Dhanusha district of Nepal. Any support you can provide here will enable the continuing outreach and awareness program

Support Daily 24-Hour Rescue Operations: $250

Digital Projector: $500
Very important for conducting awareness programmes in all villages & schools

Monthly Treatment & Care of Rescued animals: $ 1000

Rescue Vehicle: $50,000
Any delay in approaching rescue locations could lead to unintended negative outcomes for the animals we are trying to rescue, if people feel threatened. So, rescuing with the proper gear, in a timely manner is most important to give them a chance to live.

Construction of Boundary Wall: Estimated Cost $1,175,000
The boundary wall is most essential as 90% of tree and wild animals like Nilghai, Langur, Rhesus macaque, Wild rabbit, Spotted deers, Horn bills, Storkes, Turtles, Fish of  the 340 Hectare forest area at Dhanushadham have been damaged by heavy trespassers and poachers from surrounding villages. Without any security, the whole biodiversity has been diminished. The boundary wall will help to re-establish the forest biodiversity as a natural habitat

Restoration of 7.5 Hectares of Natural Reservoir and wetland for the attraction of Migratory birds

Construction of Veterinary Hospital 

Dhanusha, Nepal

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