Job Training Programme Update

Working with the Department of Forests, MWT hosts students interested in wildlife conservation, forest management, environmental science, sustainable agriculture, and other related career fields.

Students are invited to stay at the DPF for a week or more and job shadow many of the staff here.

Additionally, students are required to complete an assignment related to the subject/field they are interested in. These studies particularly useful to the DPF, DoF and MWT to inform ongoing conservation efforts.

Recently, one of our students just completed a project on species identification of snakes in the DPF! It is very helpful – thank you!

One role of the Job Trainees is to work with our Wildlife Manager and set up and retrieve camera traps.

These cameras help inform what types of wildlife are in the forest as they are often not as active during the day time and some of them, difficult to locate.

Check out this video on our students setting up the camera traps and pictures of the results below!