Facilities available at Dhanushadham

RESIDENTIAL (HOTEL): Though Dhanushadham receives around 125 number of tourist every day on average basis, it is still having no residential facilities. Lodges and Hotels are not yet constructed. But one can stay in Janakpur (18 KM North-east from Dhanushadham). Janakpur is having numbers of standard lodges and hotels like Hotel Rama and starred hotels like Hotel Welcome and Hotel Sitasharan.

FOOD (RESTAURANT): If you can manage in an average hotel, you can try Santosh Hotel, Karki Hotel and Vijay Hotel. But if you prefer to have varieties of food in standard hotel, it will be better to have in Janakpur. Hotel Rama, Hotel Welcome, Hotel Sitasharan, Hotel Unique, Roof & Top Family Restuarant and many more in Janakpur.

HEALTH: Dhanushadham is having a district level government hospital with 25 bed capacity. The services provided by the hospital are trustworthy. Dhanushadham is also having middle class private clinic. If you wish for standard private hospitals, you will have to travel to Janakpur.

TELECOM: Nepal Telecom and Ncell is providing a better quality mobile network at Dhanushadham. You can use the same mobile or external Data Card to operate internet. It is suggested not to use Ncell for surfing net without buying data pack from them otherwise you’ll have to loss a handsome amount from your mobile balance within no time.

Dhanusha, Nepal

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