DBU (Dhanushadham Biological Unit)

The only forest patch remaining in Terai region of Nepal has been declared as protected forest by Government of Nepal on 25th February 2014 (2069/11/14). Total area of the forest is 360 hectare. The existing buffer zone VDCs Dhanushadham, Dhanusha Govindpur, Yagyabhumi and Umaprempur merged and declared as Dhanushadham municipality. Number of house hold is 8,627 and Total population of the municipality is 45,008 surrounding the forest.

With help of international experts, Mithila Wildlife Trust designed a concept to develop the forest as Dhanushadham Biological Unit which will act as an Environmental Knowledge Bank and the work plan has been approved by Department of Forests, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Government of Nepal.

Rough Layout Design of Proposed Dhanushadham Biological Unit

Rough Layout Design of Proposed Dhanushadham Biological Unit

Dhanushadham Biological Unit will include Herbal Garden, Tropical Garden, Nakshatra Park, Children Park, Picnic Spot, Snake Park, Butterfly Park, Zoo, Wildlife Safaris, Boating Pond, Rescue Centre, Veterinary Hospital, Canteen and Gift Shop etc. inside for attraction of tourists.


 Conservation of forest & Wildlife through Ex-situ & In-situ methods.

  • To preserve and increase ecological and biological diversity.
  • To stop poaching for protection of indigenous species.
  • Promotion of environmental education and sustainability.
  • Conservation and Promotion of History, Religion and Indigenous Culture.
  • Development of new business opportunities in and around the district.
  • Reduction in Poverty and migration rate.


  • Dhanushadham is one of favorite and major spot of Mithila Parikrama, a religious tour of 15 religious spot in the ancient Mithila state, kingdom of King Janak (father of goddess Sita).
  • Janakpur and Dhanushadham receive more than Ten Lakh national and international religious tourist every year.
  • Daily average of irregular tourist (from abroad, Banaras, Mathura, Gujarat, Maharashtra of India and Lumbini, Kathmandu etc. from Nepal) to Dhanush temple – 124 person per day (according to the survey of Mithila Wildlife Trust in March-2013).
  • No Tourism spot in Terai region of Nepal between Chitwan National Park in Chitwan and Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve in Saptari district.
  • Bihar state of India having only one tourism spot in Patna.

Please feel free to contact us any time if you’re willing to donate or invest in the development of Biological Unit or wish to know more about the Biological Unit.

Dhanusha, Nepal

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