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Rescued rare species of Lycodon jara

Rescued form Mithileshwar village.

Rescued form Mithileshwar village.

Rescued second L.jara from Mithileshwar in this evening. As our team reached there jara was noticed inside cattle manure, our team cleared the area and rescued this rare species of snake and noticed a small wound happened by some spines or rusted iron peices nearby as chlidrens were trying to kill him.



Started Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Project.

Initial survey report of ten days shows an positive result for the new project initiated by  MWT Herpetologist Mr. Mavish and his research team. Almost all the  houses of Dhanusha village of Nepal  shows one or two snake bites in last two year. The common snakes, peoples encountered was Cobra and Krait (Poisonous), Rat snake, Wolf snake, Water snake, Striped Keelback, Vine snake, Pythons, etc. Villagers kills all these speechless creatures without any humanity, as thinking of poisonous ones. They are unaware of importance of these creature in our environment, even though they are the friends of farmer.  In addition our herpetologist added that, every one of these area want us to rescue those creatures on time,  delay of a minute or two because of traffic   pretend villagers to wipe off these speechless ones from the earth. If this attitude of human being continues, it is sure that number of reptile species is giong to vanish from earth in no time. Here comes the importance of rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife team.

MWT Research team in the field Suvin (Biologist-Trainee), Santhosh & Mukesh (Social Mobiliser)

MWT Research team in the field Suvin (Biologist-Trainee), Santhosh & Mukesh (Social Mobiliser)


More on Snakes Rescued from Charmers

Yesterday afternoon MWT  Chairman Mr. Dev Narayan Mandal, Herpetologist Mr. Mavish Kumar, and their team ceased Six snakes from a charmer who was performing the illegal show in Bara Bhiga ground, Janakpur. This is the third time MWT team rescuing such speechless creatures from charmers. They remove poisonous fangs of

Snake  Ceased from Charmers

Snake Ceased from Charmers


Green in Colour, usually seen at a length of one meter, seen in bushy area, forests and paddy field, female give birth to young ones.

Wine Snake, Green in Colour, usually seen at a length of one meter, seen in bushy area, forests and paddy field, female give birth to young ones.

snakes and perform to the audience saying that it’s a form of God, it’s a snake Goddess, once you were hissed by those snakes you will get moksha, and such  persons will not be getting snake bite etc. which all are foolishness and misunderstand thrown to villagers for getting money from audience said  by our herpetologist. Also he added once these charmers remove the fangs, thereafter such snakes will not have food which leads to the death of the snake in two to three month. When the reality and truth was opened to audience by our chairman all turned  against to such performance, which is an positive attitude and strength given by Janakpur residents to our work.

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Carrying Arms, Instruments and Weapons inside Dhanushadham Protected Forest is strictly prohibited.

Carrying Instruments inside Dhanushadham Protected Forest is strictly prohibitted


Range Forest Officer at Dhanushadham Protected Forest, Mr. Shankar Narayan Jha arranged a conference inside the forest in presence of Local Community members, youth, teacher, political parties, Administrative Department, Mithila Wildlife Trust members and other stakeholders on 24.01.2014 (10.10.2070 B.S.) and announced that today onward carrying carry Arms, Instruments and Weapons like Axe (Banchro), Spade (Kodalo), Sickle (Hansiya), Khurpi etc. will be strictly prohibited.

All the members present in the conference, promised and signed the minuting which clearly mentions that the instruments found inside forest will be seized by Forest Department and none of them will be influencing or forcing the Forest Department to release the seized instruments.

As per survey conducted by Mithila Wildlife Trust, the forest has lost its equilibrium within 7-10 years. Tree Bark of 90% adult tree has been removed by the heavy population of surrounding villages. Firing the forest, cutting down the trees illegally to fulfill their need of firewood, illegal sand mining and overgrazing are some of the main causes which has made this pathetic condition of the forest.

The action taken by Forest Department is quite impressive. It will definitely support to protect the diminishing forest, which is the only patch of forest remaining in Terai region of Dhanusha district.