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Fresh Water Turtle Conservation Project

Fresh Water Turtle Conservation Project

Rescued Flap shell Turtle (Lissemys punctata) from a small boy who caught it for food, which is only 9 cm in length and 245gm.

Front left flipper and the head was was badly injured.  This is the way for such speechless creature to vanish from the Earth.

Aware the peoples……Save these innocent lives…….

Brahminy Worm Snake

Rescue of a Brahminy Worm Snake

Brahminy Worm Snake

We rescued a “Brahminy Worm Snake (Ramphotyphlops braminus) at night 1 O’clock from the house of Mr. Shyam Sundar Mandal R/o Mi. Mauwahi-4, Dhanusha. (Photo credit to Google Pics)

This is the 3rd rescued species, which has not been mentioned in the list of WWF Nepal and IUCN Nepal.

We’re carrying out study on “Snakes Diversity of Dhanusha district.

If you have any snake study related information of the district, please pass it to us.

Thanks a lot.